Ms Mili Tokkan earned her second doctor of philosophy degree at the age of twenty-seven and was very lucky to be one of those bright and beautiful people in the world. She could proudly use Doctor as her title, but for some reason she didn’t like to do so. She preferred to be called Mili and was also known as Leyla Lovebird. All those years she had focused on her studies and playing her Storioni violin for a few orchestras as a guest musician. She hadn’t had time to have a proper relationship with anybody and had been working for her father’s investment company since finishing her studies.
It was the twenty-eighth of November 2000. She woke up and was eager to start her daily routine of having a shower before her morning meditation, as she had been doing for the last twelve years. She’d had a dream about a golden glider on her fifteenth birthday and had been creating an image of it in her head since then. Her morning meditation usually lasted about half an hour, or sometimes a bit longer. She enjoyed her morning meditation more than her afternoon and evening meditations, which usually lasted about ten minutes each.
Meditation for Mili was a mental journey which took her to the astral world of the past and the present. During her meditation, she had a golden glider and a golden guide. Her virtual golden glider took her wherever she wanted to go, in any direction, and to whomever she wanted to meet. Her golden guide was an invisible person in the astral world who helped her whenever she needed direction during her meditation. She called her golden guide by his initials, GG. She met various people while she was in her golden glider, whom she called golden guests. She loved these interactions and knew the knowledge gained in the astral world could easily be used in surprising ways in the real world.
While she was having her shower, she remembered the poem A New Beginning. She had read the poem a long time ago and heard about the poet many times. Perhaps it would be the right time for her to have a new beginning. There were so many thoughts on her mind. She remembered one of her golden guests, who had said:
“Remember, my dear, when you have a vision, you are on a mission. If you wish to fulfil your mission, you need concentration and dedication. Perhaps that is all you need.”

After having her shower, she sat on her chair and started meditating. She took three deep breaths, counted from one to eleven, and was in her golden glider.
“Good morning, GG! Where can we go this morning? It’s the twenty-eighth of November, and it has been snowing gently. My chrysanthemum is covered in snow. It’s like a bride wearing her wedding dress and waiting for her groom. Let’s fly over London and look for the poet of peace and pleasure. I’m in a good mood this morning. We have been to East, West and South London a few times. He must be somewhere in North London these days.”
After flying over North London for about fifteen minutes, her golden glider gave her a green signal, and she descended onto a street. She was excited to meet the poet. Without hesitation, she entered a studio flat on the ground floor. A man was lying on his bed. The flat was in a great mess. Neither doors nor windows had been opened for a few days. It smelled awful. He definitely needed help. She found out the door number, the street name and the phone number of the flat and returned home immediately.
After her meditation, she was excited and anxious. She wasn’t sure what to do next. She looked in the mirror and talked to herself.
“It’s the right time to take action now, but before anything else, let me find out about the poet.”
She decided to meditate again that morning. During the meditation she found out more of the poet’s past life in detail. He had met a doctor on the twenty-eighth of November twelve years ago, and on that day, it had been raining.
“This can’t just be a coincidence, after all. It must be destiny. Today I must meet this poet and help him. He needs me,” she thought.

She went to the kitchen and met her mother.
“Good morning, Mother.”
“Good morning, Mili. Your father left early. He’s going to have a breakfast meeting with one of his business associates.”
“I’m not interested in his business associates. I know all about their business affairs and adventures. Sometimes it’s so boring. What they do seems very primitive to me.”
“Mili, darling, what’s the matter with you?”
“I’m fine, Mother. I want to meet the poet Goldash today. He isn’t well and needs my help. You told me about his poems, but you haven’t told me much about the poet.”
“No, my dear. I didn’t want to tell you about him. Sometimes I cry when I remember Oya and Goldash. She and her mother were my good friends. I didn’t know anything about the poet. A few years ago, the psychic Mrs Gulizar Gulbar told me about Oya and Goldash. Their love affair was short. They joined the Golden Guide Group and travelled the world for nine months. Oya died in a traffic accident together with her mother and father in August about ten years ago, and Goldash learned about it in September. That year, in October, a bicycle knocked him over from behind, and he lost his memory. He couldn’t even remember his own name for a while, but he remembered her name.”
“Would you stop it please, Mother?” she cried.
“Finish your breakfast and go to Goldash, my dear. I’ll tell your father you’re not going to the office today.”
“Thank you, Mother.”