My dearest soulmate Goldash,
Yesterday, my father and I visited your mother and celebrated your sister’s birthday. The nurse who visits your mother on your birthdays is the psychic Mrs Gulizar Gulbar. She told your mother that you and Oya had had a traffic accident. Oya died at the scene, and you died in hospital. We couldn’t say anything to your mother about you. I am sure there must be a good reason why she told your mother something like that.
I bought a laptop for your sister as a birthday present. When we watched the video of your hat-trick of one-four-sevens, we laughed and cried together. I saw my father cry for the first time. He didn’t cry when my grandparents passed away. It was very emotional, and I will never forget it. Your sister got married. She has one son and two daughters, whose names are Goldash, Oya and Ayla. They are all cute kids. Your father passed away on the seventeenth of November 1996, and your favourite goat, Meltem, died on the thirtieth of June 1993. Your sister showed me a photo of Oya milking her.
This afternoon we came to Bursa and will stay here for four days. We met the youngest son of Molla Mehmet. He is taking us to SP Village tomorrow. This evening, the daughter of Molla Mehmet is taking me to a famous Turkish baths. We will go back to Gulistan and stay there for a few days. Your mother will show me how to make kefir. I understand your family is famous for making it. We will also visit Oya’s uncle in Istanbul. He will take us to the cemetery to visit the graves of Oya and her parents.
I’ve added your name to my car insurance, so you can collect the key from my mother. When we return to London, you can meet us at Heathrow Airport.
Hugs and kisses!
Your loving angel

It was the third of May 2001. Goldash woke up early and read Leyla’s email. He visualised his mother, Oya, Leyla and Meltem. His life would be so different if Oya were alive. He wished he could tell his mother that he was alive.
He took a walk along the high street, looked at people and wondered what was going on in their minds. Everybody was trying to do the best they could.
After a while, he came back to his flat, had breakfast, and decided to tidy the garden and plant some flowers. It might help refresh his mind. When he had finished tidying the garden, he was thinking about which flowers he should plant that year when Bernie came into the garden.
“Good morning, Goldash. Well done, son. You did a good job. Here you are, have a cup of tea. While you were tidying the garden, Leyla phoned me. She must be a daisy-crazy lady and lectured me about daisies. Apparently, there are approximately thirty-three thousand species of daisy. She talked to me about families, subfamilies and tribes of daisies. I can’t remember all the names she told me. I remembered some of them, though, and put them in alphabetical order. Here are those daisies’ names: African daisy, all that jazz, annual daisy, blue-eyed daisy, dark-eyed daisy, English daisy, fatal attraction, harvest moon, lemon symphony, lollipop, oxeye daisy, painted daisy, passion mix, pink double delight, Rob Roy daisy, tiger tail, vanilla spoon and women daisy.”
“That’s surprising. When I was at her parents’ house, I didn’t see any daisies in their garden. She must have been bored and wanted a new challenge,” said Goldash.
“Do you think she wants to be a doctor of daisies?”
“It would be great if she became a triple doctor so we could get more free advice from her.”
“You’re right, Goldash. She is an incredible investor and has been advising me on what to buy and when to sell for the last few months. I’ve made good money. It’s good enough to sponsor you for at least four years.”
“How much have you made?”
“More than fifty thousand pounds.”
“Well done, sir.”
Bernie laughed. “Well, she helps me to make money. If I get my maximum break on the twenty-eighth of June, she will give me five thousand pounds.”
“You support me, and she supports you. I can help you get your maximum break after my exams next month. I’ll be your snooker coach, and we will practise every day until your snooker show.”
“Leyla told me you did reflexology. You give reflexology to your lady friends, but not to your sponsor. When would you like to give me reflexology?”
“I can give you reflexology, hand reflexology and ear reflexology on a regular basis so you can become a better snooker player.”
“We have to do a few things together today. These are Leyla’s requests: first, we have to go to Crews Hill and visit some of the garden centres there. We are to buy two of each of these plants: red English climbing rose, passion fruit, London pride, English daisy, oxeye daisy, French lavender, African marigold, French marigold, dark blue delphinium, light blue delphinium, rosemary and chocolate fruit.”
Goldash nodded. “That’s good, because I’ve found it impossible to concentrate on my studies today. Let’s go now and spend some time there.”
“Let me call Richard’s brother. He is a very good gardener and can rearrange our garden.”
“That’s a good idea, always best to leave it to a professional.”